A series of poems with the power to inspire, motivate, and empower.

Despite the tragedy and trauma that comes with life’s darkness, there is a phoenix in each of us waiting to rise. Shirin Ariff's collection of poetry awakens the spirit and soul of the reader, reconnecting them with their sense of courage.

Many religions mention a Higher Being; Keepsake refers to them as The Great Creator of All. Every person is intentionally and divinely created. Our differences make us beautiful. Diversity is something to be celebrated; in doing so, we open ourselves up to miracles. In the poem, Miracles, Shirin gracefully reminds us to pay attention to the mundane details of life. When you see with your eyes, not with your mind, you become present to all the wonderful miracles around you. This awareness allows you to feel gratitude and appreciate every gift we are given, no matter how small.

Relationships, self-doubt, and societal norms can squander our sense of self. Whether it’s because of abuse, addiction, or other trauma, many of us struggle with expressing ourselves. Shirin’s poem, Beauty in Diversity, explores what it means to freely be yourself. Forget judgment, forget fear. If we love each other as we are, we can all enjoy the freedom of being ourselves. Life is not an individual journey, we are all connected. The sooner we can love each other, the sooner we can love ourselves as we are.

Many women feel the pressure of time as they start to age. We may have spent the first half of our lives finding love and growing our families. Is it too late to follow our other dreams? No, Shirin poetically argues. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve failed or lost in the past; there is always time to start again. Although it takes courage and perseverance, it’s never too late to begin again. Shirin’s poem, It’s Never Too Late, reminds women in all situations that there’s no need to settle. You are divinely deserving of a fulfilling life. The only thing stopping you from getting it is you.

The themes touched upon in Keepsake will resonate with every reader. We all experience trauma, sadness, and self-doubt. However, through channeling your inner strength and connection to The Great Creator, you can rise from the ashes. This humble book of poems is bursting with power and energy. Shirin expertly crafts a guiding narrative for every reader in need of hope, inspiration, and inner peace.

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